The Donkey Street (today Borgo Street) is an elevated road that represents an important defensive system of Brisighella.

The Piazza Marconi below is visible today through arches of different widths that serve to illuminate and protect from the adverse weather conditions. It was raised when a baseboard was dug to obtain mainly stables. The latter were in front of the arches while the dwellings were on the upper floors.

The road was used by caravans of animals used to transport plaster from the nearby caves. In fact, in this district lived the "birocciai" (plaster transporters). At the entrance there is the Door of Ladies. It is said that the ladies of the village welcomed foreigners here.

The Donkey Street represents something truly unique in its kind: in about a thousand years of history it has been used as a hamlet, pedestrian street, protective curtain wall and a place for civil gatherings.


At the entrance to the historic centre of Brisighella is the Old Fountain, the oldest fountain in the town. Built in 1500 inside the walls, it was fed by the waters of the nearby chalk vein. People called it " la funtana di tri sbroff " (the fountain of the three gush springs).

La via degli Asini  di Brisighella

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