Located in the Lamone Valley, Brisighella is surrounded by three chalky spires... the Fortress, the Clock Tower and the Shrine. We want to focus on the first two!


The first spire is the Rocca. Built in 1300 it was Manfrediana residence (Signori di Faenza) and later of the Venetians. It is a classic medieval fortress. This is confirmed by the chains for the drawbridge, the loopholes and the paths that are on the boundary walls.

From the village you can reach the Rocca through a pedestrian path, the Strada della Rocca. In the central part of the fortress is the Museum of peasant work.


The Clock Tower (from the local "Lady of Time") was mainly used to control the moves of the besieged in the castle of Baccagnano. It was completed almost 500 years later when the watch was affixed, whose dial has 6 hours (hours and minutes are marked by a single short hand).

La Rocca e la Torre dell'Orologio

di Brisighella

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