The hinterland of the Marche region is made up of gentle hills dominated by small medieval villages, often perfectly preserved, but at the same time they host lively and active communities, ready to immerse tourists in their traditions. A landscape that never ceases to offer new views, and to fascinate visitors with its beauty.

A particular and strangely unknown exception is represented by the Roman villa of Suasa: an architectural complex of imperial age, including a domus, and some other buildings belonging to the ancient city of Suasa, such as forum, theatre and amphitheatre.


A few kilometres away, in the town of Pergola, you can also admire the small but very well-kept museum of the two Bronzes, which hosts the group of the "Bronze Gilded by Cartoceto di Pergola", the only group of gilded bronze in the world that has come from the Roman age to the present day. As often happens, the statues were discovered by pure chance by some peasants of the Marche region in the immediate post-war period, in the form of hundreds of bronze fragments, recomposed over the years to follow thanks to meticulous restoration work.

If you love ancient history and Roman archaeology, you will not be disappointed by both visits, which will offer you ideas of great interest, all immersed in the beauty of the landscape of Marche.

Parco Archeologico della città romana di Suasa e i Bronzi di Pergola 

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