In 1497 the Duke and Duchess of Corropoli gave the nearby Abbey of Santa Maria di Mejulano to the Celestine monks. With this prestigious arrival in Corropoli, citizens began to celebrate the Pentecost in the lawn in front of the abbey with a fair and popular games.

Among these, it was the Corsa delle Botti that was chosen, in the form of Palio, as the main profane event of the modern Pentecost.

After the weight of the barrels, the control and marking of the barrels of each district comes the moment of the real Palio de la Botte. Four pushers for each Contrada will have to roll wooden barrels weighing 70 kg faster than the others. The route, in the streets of the centre, is divided into two hamlets. The sum of the two times will determine the winner of the Palio de la Botte di Corropoli.


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Ludo de le Botti di Corropoli (TE)

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