Fava is one of the most important products of Carpino. Slow food product is a basic food on the Mediterranean diet. In the territory of Carpino finds the ideal conditions that give it an unmistakable goodness. It is produced in rotation with durum wheat, sugar beet, tomatoes and lupines. Seeding takes place in October and November. When the plants are yellowed, in June, peasants mow by hand and bind in sheaves called "manocchi", which allow to the fava drying on the field. With traditional wood forks, the broad beans are separated from the straw. To remove the smallest particles, peasants raise with wooden blades and thrown into the air.


The best way to eat it? Having a thin and crumbly skin and an intense aroma, it is advisable to make it puree and accompany it with a chicory sautéed in a pan with garlic and chilli pepper.

Fava di Carpino

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