The Cremona’s square is the most exemplary of the medieval Italian squares. During the millennial history of the city, it has fulfilled its dual function of religious and political centre. From it start 12 radial roads that innervate the historic centre. On this square there are two of the monuments linked to all the city events, the Cathedral and the Torrazzo.


The Cathedral

Fair, imposing and fascinating is covered in marble. Dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, it is located in the ancient monumental centre of the city. In 1117 it collapsed following a violent earthquake and was rebuilt in 1129. The building retained the basilica plan, which was previously three naves. Outside, as custodians and guardians, there are 10 sculpted figures in white stone, depicting the holy protectors alternating with angels. Entering the church you are caught by a surprise effect. The church is equipped with countless works of art. Faces and walls, chapels and altars, niches, frames, pulpits and sacristies welcome the artistic testimony of all historical epochs.


The Great Cross

Inside the Cathedral, a thick role is played by the Great Cross. Built from 1470 to 1478, it served as the furnishings of the high altar for the main solemnity of the year. It is adorned with 160 statues, including small and large, and 50 busts of saints.


The Torrazzo

It is linked to the need for urban recognition typical of the Middle Ages and the need to build towers and bell towers in significant parts of the city. With its 112 meters, the Torrazzo is imposed on the Cremonese building. It is clearly identifiable from every point of the city and even from the surrounding countryside. At the top, a 1581 bell marks the hours. At the top a bronze lion, symbol of the city, was placed. Afterwards, damaged by the fall of lightning, the lion was replaced by a sphere surmounted by a cross. The Cremonese entrust the passage of time to the Torrazzo. The clock, the mechanism of which has been retained in its original parts, is manually wound every day.

La Piazza  del Comune di Cremona, la Cattedrale e  il Torrazzo

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