In 1991 Angelo Torcolini created the ‘Corsa delle Botti’ of Costacciaro, to be held in the period of St. Martin (11th November) to celebrate the period of winemaking.

There were two districts (or Hostarie), called to participate: Costacciaro, the main town (Hostaria de la Porta) and other hamlets (Hostaria de la Rocca). The circuit is a city track which stretches along 650 metres of bottlenecks, detached and false floors in the historic centre.

For each barrel there are 20 young Bottaioli, divided into 5 groups which alternate in the race. Their rotation is something unique, halfway between a Formula 1 pit stop and a change between the staff of a 4x100 athletics stand.

Only two heats from one lap each. Once the Hostaria is in pole position, once it starts in the wake. The first between Hostaria de la Rocca and Hostaria de la Porta as a sum of time won the competition.


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La Corsa delle Botti di Costacciaro (PG)

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