Located a few kilometres from the centre of Vico del Gargano, built in 1556 by the Marquis of Vico Colantonio Caracciolo, the Convent, dedicated to Santa Maria degli Angeli, was completely rebuilt after a violent earthquake that destroyed it in 1646. According to the legend, Prince Spinelli, hated by the population and subjected to unworthy trampling, is buried on the door of the Convent. Inside the Convent there are many works of art, such as the Madonna degli Angeli, the Incoronata, the frescoes of Saint Micheal and the Temptation of San Francesco.


In front of the Convent, you can admire an imposing and ultra-secular holm-oak, called the "oak", planted with the construction of the church and the Remembrance Park, where the trees are entitle to the citizens fallen of the Great War. From the park you can enjoy a spectacular view, a veritable panoramic terrace overlooking the Gargano coast.


The best time to visit? ALWAYS! The religiousness of the place transforms it into "magic" on Holy Friday, in which all the brotherhoods of Vico del Gargano carry the body of the dead Christ, and at Christmas, where you can admire one of the most beautiful nativity scenes in the world!

Convento Cappuccini

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