Bertinoro is the balcony of Romagna. A well-known legend tells us that Bertinoro was given by the Roman princess Galla Placidia who, after having tasted an autochthonous white wine (Albana), offered her by the locals, would have exclaimed enthusiastically: “You do not deserve such a crude  goblet, oh wine, rather you should be drunk in gold!".

In the main square, in addition to the Cathedral, there is Palazzo Ordelaffi, the town hall. The Civic Tower, set against the Palace. It served as a lighthouse for the wayfarers and inside of which is placed a bell that was ringed at the end of the disputes and to celebrate the arrival of peace. Under the magnificent terrace of Liberty Place stands the Ca' de Be' (the wine’s house) where you can taste the typical products of Romagna and see the famous Campana dell' Albana.


But it is with the Anelle’s Column (at the side a story by Paolo di @girodeicomuni and FollediCorsa) that the renowned hospitality of Romagna probably draws its origins from this place. In according to the legend, the column was erected by Guido del Duca and Arrigo Mainardi. It seems that the families were arguing with each other to offer hospitality to travellers who stayed in the city.

The column has twelve rings and each ring corresponded to one of the twelve Bertinoro families. The pilgrim, who arrived at the village, tying the horse to one of the rings, identified in this way the house that would host him. This tradition is still alive today.

Every year, on the first Sunday of September there is the Hospitality Celebration. Foreigners take one of the envelopes attached to the ring and participate as guests at the family lunch or restaurant Bertinorese to which corresponds the envelope.


Why this attention to the foreigner? Since the media did not exist at that time as we know them today, the pilgrim represented an extraordinary opportunity for communication to come to know what was happening in the rest of the world.

Colonna delle Anelle di Bertinoro

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